Sharonston_cohen_10667718_600Sharon Stone, infamous for that bare naked crotch-flashing shot in the original "Basic Instinct," showed a different side of herself at the recent Macy’s Passport HIVAIDS fundraiser.

Her backside.

"Everytime she moved, you could see all the way to the promised land," one partygoer complained.

Now why would any woman – of any age – get up on a stage in a crack of dawn-revealing frock like this? Especially an actress who is so heartbreakingly good in Weinstein Co’s latest awards-contender, "Bobby," and might actually get a Best Actress nomination this season?

A desperate plea for attention? Lack of a full-length mirror in her house? Everything else was at the cleaners? Your guess is as good – or bad – as mine.

At one point during the live auction, audacious auctioneer Stone even threatened to take the darn thing off.

"We take checks, cash, Amex and maybe the clothes off your back," she warned. "I’m wearing a vintage Gucci and it may be off my back by the end of the evening."

"Oh, dear God, please no," whispered one of the 2,000 guests who attended the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica for the annual HIV/AIDS fundraiser.

Photo Credits: Stone gets downright cheeky at the Macy’s Passport Event. Get a grip, girl.
Lester Cohen/WireImage

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