sharon stone gym rat lovelace premiere gi Sharon Stone shares the secret behind her toned body: 'I'm a gym rat'At 55 years old, Sharon Stone has a body that puts most 20-something models to shame. So, how does the iconic actress maintain her terrific shape?

“I’m a gym rat,” Stone revealed to Access Hollywood at the “Lovelace” premiere in New York City on Tuesday (July 30) when asked how she’s managed to keep her lean figure. “I do all kinds of things. I just joined a regular gym and I like to go where people really work out, and I just get into it.”

For Stone, some musical inspiration is important for her workout regimen. “I put my headphones on and I get lost in there. I like it,” the star said, adding that she’s “an athlete,” who really enjoys “an athletic environment.”

The benefits of her workout are more than just skin-deep, Stone admits. “It is [good] for my [head,]” she added. “It’s something that I really enjoy.”

Stone says that age isn’t something that should limit a person’s ability to maintain strong stomach muscles, as she thinks proper abdominal form should be a component of all workouts.

“I think that one should do all exercises from the core; it’s part of the breathing,” she said. “I believe that we don’t have to do all kinds of stuff, but that we should be able to lift our own body weight, get through small spaces. I think we should all be able to work with our own body.”

Posted by:Billy Nilles