ToriSpell_RonG_5657356_600 Tori Spelling's new book, "Mommywood," comes out today, and her mother, Candy Spelling, is concerned.

In a letter on her website called, "Dear Tori … a mother reaches out," Candy wrote Monday, "With your book coming out tomorrow, the war of words will escalate. That's not what I want. I want us to be a family."

Candy went on to quote her daughter's book as saying, "I would love to have a relationship with [my mother] … But I haven't stepped up to make that happen."

The hopeful Candy then implored Tori, if she does in fact want a relationship, to "call me, write me, text me."

In the letter, Candy stressed that she wants a "private" reunion with her daughter, not "a reunion via talk show or to speak through the press."

Candy's plea to be in the lives of her grandchildren — 2-year old Liam and 10-month-old Stella — is perplexing in light of Tori's recent conversation with People magazine, in which she maintained that the Spelling rift was largely overstated.

"It's not like we're not talking, we just haven't talked," Spelling told People. "I love my mother. I've always loved her, [and] no doubt she loves me. There's no feud. We simply never meshed."

Tori went on to say of her mother's tell-all, "Stories from Candyland": "If she wants to put her truth out there as she sees it, she's completely entitled to do that. I know she has a letter to the grandchildren in it, and I think that's perfectly lovely if that makes her happy. … And you know, I hope she follows through on that. I hope they do mean the world to her and she does reach out to them."

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— Stephanie Lysaght

Photo credit: Tori Spelling, Candy Spelling, Aaron Spelling, and Randy Spelling in 1990 (Wireimage)

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