sherlock season 3 fans london set bbc america tiia ohman 'Sherlock' fans line London streets to watch Season 3 filming

“Sherlock” is a popular show. If the ratings don’t show this, the large numbers of fans who appeared on the street to watch filming of Season 3 in London would make it clear. When word got out that the production would be in London on Wednesday (Aug. 21), the fans came along too.

It’s Twitter that is to blame for the sheer number of “Sherlock” fans who made it to Gower Street in Bloomsbury, London. According to BBC America, fans of the show were informed of the location using the social-media site’s hashtag, #SETLOCK. The most rabid excited fans were out in large numbers hours before filming was even set to begin.

Usually, “Sherlock” films in the Welsh city of Cardiff (a major television-production site). For some exterior shots, however, London sites must be used. The residential area of Gower Street, for example, doubles as Baker Street — the address of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson — on the show.

Security was reportedly willing for fans to stay put, as long as they didn’t interfere with the production schedule. Since neither of the “Sherlock” stars — Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman — had arrived, the level of potential disruption was unknown.

No matter what happens, devoted “Sherlock” fans outside of London may want to watch Twitter for spoilers over the next few days.

Posted by:Laurel Brown