sherlock theme song season 3 benedict cumberbatch pbs 'Sherlock': Fans sing theme song, badly

“Sherlock” has a very devoted fan base. This is now absolutely proven in a rather incredible audio recording in which several “Sherlock” fans sing the theme song.

It’s both terrible and wonderful at the same time.

Keep in mind that there are no words to the “Sherlock” music. That didn’t stop the group, posting as Unicorn Feast on, from singing with much gusto. Check out the audio track below:

Alternatively, click here to listen on the original site.

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Fans now have a soundtrack to sing them through until “Sherlock” Season 3 begins in January. New episodes will premiere, starting with “The Empty Hearse” on Jan. 1 in the UK, followed by the US premiere on Jan. 19. A mini-episode is expected to be released by BBC One online on Christmas day as well.

Just think of how many times you can listen to this “music” in the meantime!

Posted by:Laurel Brown