sherlock holmes mark gatniss 'Sherlock': Is Mycroft Holmes 'cleverer' than his famous brother?Sherlock Holmes is the world’s greatest detective and, depending on who you ask, Benedict Cumberbatch is the world’s greatest Sherlock Holmes in the BBC’s reimagining of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle mysteries, “Sherlock.” But, says Mark Gatiss who co-created the series with Steven Moffat, there is someone smarter than Sherlock: His brother, Mycroft Holmes

To be exact, the word Gatiss used was “cleverer.” Also, Gatiss may be a bit biased since he plays Mycroft himself.

The 3-episode Season 2 of “Sherlock” is currently airing in the U.S. and in a webchat with PBS, Gatiss was asked why the Holmes brothers are so brilliant and peculiar.

“Why are the Holmes brothers the way they are? What are their parents like? Maybe we’ll see one day. I’d like to find a way of showing, more than we have, that [Mycroft] is actually even cleverer than Sherlock.”

What do you think, Sherlock fans? Is Mycroft the bigger-brained Holmes brother?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson