sherlock amanda abbington death threat season 3 pbs 'Sherlock' love too far? Amanda Abbington's death threats

Fans love “Sherlock.” Usually this is a good thing, but sometimes it can go too far.

Death threats for new co-star Amanda Abbington when her Mary Morstan role was announced? That’s definitely too far. It seems there are “Sherlock” fans out there willing to threaten violence toward anyone who might separate Holmes and Watson.

Abbington mentions the threats in an interview with The Times. “When I told everybody I was playing Mary, there was a small group who wanted me dead,” the actress explains. “They take the John and Sherlock storyline so seriously that they wouldn’t want anyone coming between them.”

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Interestingly, Abbington didn’t seem fazed by the threats, simply assuming that some fans have “a subconscious desire” for romance between Sherlock and John. Other fans, of course, consciously want that.

But that doesn’t make it OK. In addition to the issues of anyone who would threaten death to another, this phenomenon points out how some fans really do have trouble discerning between fiction and reality. It’s one thing to care about a show and have hopes about what happens next. It’s another thing entirely to fall apart and project rage when TV doesn’t go the way one desires.

Furthermore, the threats don’t even seem to take into account the way “Sherlock” is handling Abbington’s character. Both she and executive producer Steven Moffat say Mary isn’t there to be a stick in the mud, keeping John from his adventures with Sherlock.

“Sherlock” certainly does need its fans. The show, however, doesn’t need fans who go too far.

Posted by:Laurel Brown