sherlock sign of three poll mary watson holmes wedding pbs 'Sherlock' poll: Was Watson's wedding the best or the worst?

If you’re reading this, then you have probably just watched one of the most divisive “Sherlock” episodes ever. The second episode of Season 3, “The Sign of Three,” takes place almost entirely at John Watson’s wedding to Mary Morstan.

Yes, Sherlock Holmes solves a case (or three) before the reception ends, but the wedding is the focus. The question therefore becomes: What do you think of this unusual theme for a “Sherlock” episode?

After the UK airing of “The Sign of Three” in early January, it seemed that fans were divided on whether or not this was a good episode. Some thought that the clever structure, touching emotions and full-on humor made this one of the best “Sherlock” episodes ever. 

Others, meanwhile, criticized taking the focus away from crime-solving and turning to personal relationships instead. Still others objected to the humorous tone, the bizarre non-murders and the fact that one of the two leads had the nerve to get hitched.

It’s fair that there would be different views on “Sherlock,” even if it’s a little surprising at how varied the reactions for “The Sign of Three.” So what did you think? Was this one of the best or one of the worst installments of the series? Vote in the poll and feel free to explain your choices below!

Posted by:Laurel Brown