Finally, after a long wait, the first hints of “Sherlock” Season 3 have arrived in a preview video. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information contained in that video. Unless of course you think that Watson (Martin Freeman) having a mustache counts as something important to know.

It’s an interesting video though, even if this “Sherlock” promo gives away nothing at all. No words are spoken. Everything is in shadows. For most of the running time, Sherlock Holmes himself (Benedict Cumberbatch) is nothing more than a shadowy figure lurking unseen in the background.

The only words even associated with the entire video are “To be continued …” right at the end. At least this proves that there will be more story when the show actually comes back?

In case you have forgotten the backstory behind all of this, recall that in the end of Season 2, Sherlock leapt to his death at the end of a duel of wits between himself and Moriarty. Had he not done so, all those he cared about — the people seen in the video — would have been in danger.

Naturally, Holmes wasn’t dead. The audience learned that before the episode ended. For the other characters, however, the big reveal may still be coming.

Produced by the BBC — and airing there earlier than it will in the United States — American audiences will get to see “Sherlock” in 2014 on PBS.

Posted by:Laurel Brown