sherlock season 3 benedict cumberbatch martin freeman bbc 'Sherlock' Season 3: Production begins, filming starts next week

Fans of the BBC series “Sherlock” can begin the rejoicing — Season 3 of the mystery program has had its first table read of the script and filming is scheduled to begin next Monday (March 18).

Production on this third season had been delayed due to the film commitments of its stars Benedict Cumberbatch (“Star Trek into Darkness,” “The Fifth Estate”) and Martin Freeman (“The Hobbit” trilogy). Originally scheduled to begin in January 2013, “Sherlock” will now film two episodes of the season in the spring with a third planned for the end of the summer. The BBC has not announced when it will air this presumed final season of the Emmy-nominated show.

“Sherlock” is a modern update of the classic “Sherlock Holmes” stories. Set in present-day London, the stories follow Holmes (Cumberbatch) and Watson (Freeman) through a series of bizarre and complicated cases.

The individual stories — essentially shot as two-hour films — are all loosely based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but consistently take a modern view of things. Sherlock, for example, is a genius who is widely considered to be either a sociopath or an Aspberger’s case. Watson, meanwhile, is a former military doctor who now keeps a blog detailing the great detective’s exploits.

With the rising status of the show’s stars and a disturbingly final Season 2 finale (in which Holmes convincingly fakes his own death), no one expected a quick return for “Sherlock” Season 3. Now we at least know that it will come eventually.

Posted by:Laurel Brown