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Now that “Sherlock” Season 3 has come to an end, it’s time to speculate on the nature of Season 4. Sure, fans may not get to see new episodes for a year or two, but there are plenty of intriguing ideas for what the next season might look like.

Baby Watson

Considering how pregnant Mary (Amanda Abbington) was by the “Sherlock” Season 3 finale, it’s safe to say that there will be a new addition to the Watson family when the show returns.

The finale gave away that this child will be a girl — and not named Sherlock — but how old will Baby Watson be? “Sherlock” has, for the most part, followed real time in its gaps between seasons. Season 3, for example, began about two years after Season 2 ended, a time span that echoed reality quite well. On the other hand, Season 3 encompassed more than a year of time: It was late October or early November at the beginning of the season and shortly after Christmas of the following year for the finale.

But unless there are some major changes in formatting, the baby should be around and at least a year old the next time we check in with “Sherlock.” The Watsons may even have a toddler on their hands!

So John married an international assassin …

While John (Martin Freeman) and Mary had reconciled by the end of “His Last Vow,” there is still the issue of Mary’s identity. Watson may not need to know her past, but the future of Mrs. Watson is intriguing.

Will Mary’s past as an assassin for a foreign country ever catch up with her in the absence of Magnussen? Can Mary leave that life completely in the dust, especially considering how quickly she picked up a gun when her marriage was threatened? Is Mary likely to tag along when John and Sherlock go out on a case?

No one would want to break up the bromance, but having Mary in the mix every once in a while might be kind of fun.

Whatever the case, Abbington really ought to be in any upcoming season. She’s as much a part of the family as Mycroft now.

The Moriarty question

Right at the end of the Season 3 finale, it appeared that master criminal Jim Moriarty had somehow returned from the dead. An image of the bad man returned anyway. This had the effect of recalling Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) from his murder-induced exile, with the implication that Holmes would soon be on the case.

There’s no way Season 4 can ignore that. The real question is whether Moriarty will be an ongoing theme throughout the next season, or if his is a single-episode case that will be wrapped up. Another season completely focused on Moriarty may be overkill, but no one can argue that he isn’t a worthy foe.

No matter what, fans will have to wait anxiously for a Season 4, whenever that may be.

Posted by:Laurel Brown