sherlock 'Sherlock' sneak peek: The real Holmes is back for season 2True Sherlock Holmes fans will doubtless be tickled to know their favorite sleuth is indeed headed back to a screen in the near future. No, not in yet another big screen action extravaganza starring Robert Downey Jr. We’re talking about the much more exciting prospect of a second season of the BBC “Sherlock” reboot starring the redoubtable Benedict Cumberbatch as the polymath detective.

It won’t hit American TV — PBS to be exact — until May, but it’s already hit the airwaves in Britain where, reports the network’s Anglophilia blog, it has been received as “brilliant.”

So, without spoiling anything for us on this side of the Atlantic, Anglophilia offers this clip of episode one, “A Scandal in Belgravia.” Watch as Holmes and Watson (“The Hobbit’s” Martin Freeman) banter about their case:

Oh, and if you missed season 1, do yourself a favor and make haste to watch its three eps immediately.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson