benedict cumberbach sherlock 'Sherlock' star Benedict Cumberbach appreciates your dirty fan fiction and Tumblr artSince the dawn of time — or at least, of television — where you find a cult fan following, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find surprisingly smutty fan fiction. These days, fan fiction is no dirty secret — authors like E.L. James and Cassandra Clare got their start as fanfic writers online, and they’re now enjoying the spoils of multimillion dollar franchises.

The actors and writers behind the source material have varied reactions to the fan fiction craze, but one actor who won’t be petitioning to shut down your Tumblr porn is “Sherlock” star Benedict Cumberbach. With “Sherlock’s” Season 2 about to begin on PBS, MTV sat down with the actor to ask him about the part of the fandom that enjoys portraying his character and Martin Freeman’s in a sexual relationship.

“I am startlingly aware of it,” Cumberbatch says coyly. “I
don’t go seeking it, but Martin Freeman, who was an absolute Luddite on
the first series, suddenly came back from New Zealand having done a
little radio short drama called ‘The Hobbit,’ he came back and he had
this beautiful Mac [computer] with him and said ‘Hey, look at this
Tumblr.’ And I said, ‘What? Tumblr? What?’ He knows more about it than I
do and he was showing me some of them. Some of it is really racy,
un-viewable even on MTV. It’s cool.”

He particularly enjoys your imaginative descriptions of his body parts, fanfic writers.

“I suppose my bodily proportions are quite flattering. I’m ripped, doing
something I wouldn’t normally do with my body, or having done to it,
involving Watson,” he says. “So that’s as far as I’ll hit about
that one, but it’s all there on the Web if you want to find it. I was
amazed at the level of artistry. People have spent hours doing it.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie