“Sherlock” is a great TV show. But, like all great things, parodies make “Sherlock” even better. A pair of Norwegian actors have done just that with their “Oklahomo” parody of the BBC mega-hit.

According to the video’s YouTube page, the idea came when Vidar Magnussen and Bjarte Tjostheim of the TV show, “Underholdningsavdelingen,” realized they looked like Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, respectively.

So they decided to make their own version of “Sherlock.”

The short “Oklahomo” video (the title gets an explanation at the very end) gets the look and aesthetics of “Sherlock” absolutely right, while the dialogue and action quite literally make no sense. Also, this Sherlock and Watson kiss. And jump and kiss.

While the whole thing is amusing, here are some of the best (and strangest) lines:

  • “Watson, do you believe in curtains?”
  • “If I was to dance like a miniature cat, would you kill me or give me a sandwich made of Sweden?”
  • “Let’s blog about this.”
  • “Rebooting is for cheesecakes.”
  • “Good question, tiny man. You’re extremely short and well-mannered. The length of your body makes me feel sad in a way I don’t quite understand.”
  • “Wrinkle on the eye proves he’s been eating soup for decades.”
  • “Thick fingers that suggest he’s never touched a synthesizer.”
  • “Then you are a bad cookie. Goodbye, melon-head.”
Posted by:Laurel Brown