Can’t get enough of John Watson’s wedding in the “Sherlock” Season 3 episode, “The Sign of Three”? The BBC has you covered on that and has released a video showing extra photos from the big event. Even though Holmes himself supposedly edited the snapshots, he still looks awfully uncomfortable.

Warning: Spoilers are ahead and in the video for those who have not yet watched the episode.

As Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) points out, the Watsons’ wedding photographer was quite good — even if he was a megalomaniacal murderer as well. That talent (for photography, not killing) is evident in the photos. While there are the standard wedding party photos, and pictures of friends from the party, there are also a few gems.

The best one, in fact, may be the picture in which young Archie (the blood-loving ring bearer) gives Sherlock a big hug. It’s both adorable and ridiculously awkward — it kind of sums up the whole episode perfectly in this way.

The next and final “Sherlock” Season 3 episode airs Sunday, Jan. 12 on the BBC, while the season premieres on PBS Sunday, Jan. 19.

Posted by:Laurel Brown