thanksgiving tori spelling She's crafty: Tori Spelling on her new party planning book and 'snay day'Her lavish lifestyle has been the envy of awestruck spectators for years, but as Tori Spelling‘s new party planning book reveals, at least part of the fairytale can be recreated by all.
Speaking at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on Saturday (April 21), the author, actress and entrepreneur talked thrift-shopping, event fiascos and more anecdotes detailed in her how-to work book, “CelebraTORI: Unleashing Your Inner Party Planner to Entertain Friends and Family.” 
Says the “Tori & Dean” star — and host of TLC’s upcoming “Craft Wars,” party planning is a gig she’s been prepping for her whole life. 
“Growing up my mom threw amazing parties and she’d let me come with her and plan everything with her,” explains Spelling. “And I would just follow her around and be awed by how detail-oriented she was She taught me it was all in the details.”
“I was having a winter wonderland party,” she begins, recalling one less than stellar experience. “There’s this company that was nice enough to donate ice that was like snow that would fill up the backyard, and the kids could go sledding. And we had left the sprinklers on, so the yard was super muddy. So, in the last minute, an hour before it started, my friends were like, ‘What can we do?’ And there was a local farm, animal feed place where we got hay. And they put hay everywhere and then that [fake snow] melted and got sloshy.”

She continues: “And that party, in our minds, it’s infamous. We call it “snay-day,” which is snow, hay-day. It was supposed to be winter wonderland! So, now, the bar is there. Anytime I throw a party, I’m like ‘Hey! Was it good? Where does it rank, following snay-day?’ It could only get better after that.”

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