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What is it about Shia LeBeouf that makes him a target for testosterone fueled bar fights? Is it the name Shia? Does the “Even Stevens” thing remind folks of their terrible childhoods? Do Decepticons walk among us, constantly beating Shia up in an attempt to find the all-spark? Whatever it is, Shia’s found himself in another boozy brawl.

TMZ has obtained video of a portly shirtless man giving Shia the business right to the head on the sidewalk in front of a Vancouver bar; LeBeouf is in town shooting “The Company You Keep.” The rest of the video features Shia’s bro-squad talking him down. We give two thumbs up to his boys for doing their job pretty well; Shia doesn’t look happy.

What started the fracas? That remains as much of a mystery as the plot to any “Transformers” movie. But we’d like to offer Shia free lessons in our patented “buy the guy a drink and move on” method. It works 100% of the time, every time!

Posted by:janderson