shirley maclaine gi Shirley MacLaine's sexual confessions: 'I had three people in one day'Hollywood icon Shirley MacLaine could teach you a thing or two, and in her new book “I’m Over All That,” she does.

In her 12th publication, MacLaine broaches a wide array of subjects including where to sit in the light and looking your best for the paparazzi. She also talks spirituality, the leading men in her life and old Hollywood glamor. In an appearance on “The Oprah Show,” MacLaine even opens up about her bad-girl days and numerous lovers.

Here’s what she told Oprah:

“I’ve had an awful lot of lovers… and a lot of awful lovers.”

“I wasn’t into ‘sexscapades,’ although I tried it once. Had three people in one day. It was on a political campaign where everyone was doing the same thing I just didn’t want to be left out.”

“Not my style at all, I was a serial monogamist, and has, as I said, many love affairs. But what happens when you get older and very really interested in this spiritual dimension of things, sex takes on a different meaning, a different importance, a different reason for being.”

The actress has been open about her open marriage to Steve Parker, in which they both pursued multiple affairs.

“I had other affairs and so did he. But we were very good friends,” she explains.

Um, who ever said 76-year-olds didn’t have awesome stories?!  

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci