Rosieodonnellshow_240News item: Rosie O’Donnell, MSNBC fail to reach agreement on prime-time talk show.

Anyone surprised here? Anyone at all? Since she left The View earlier this year, O’Donnell has been rumored to be hosting The Price Is Right (nope), guest-starring on Friday Night Lights (nuh-uh), appearing on the NBC’s celebritized Apprentice (‘fraid not) and, I think, joining the Federal Reserve’s Open Markets Committee (though I’m not sure about that last one).

Hmm. I see a pattern there. What I don’t get, exactly, is why the "What’s Next for Rosie?" story seems to be of such interest. (Not that I should be casting stones here: I mean, after all.) Yes, she’s famous, and outspoken, and she blogs a lot (here’s her reaction to the MSNBC non-story). But is she that famous? Are folks really holding their breath to hear what her next project will be?

Maybe they are. I suppose there’s a reason beyond the relative transparency of O’Donnell’s life that her every alleged next move gets ink and airtime. I’ve always been pretty agnostic on the subject of O’Donnell — don’t love her, don’t hate her, don’t give much thought to her unless my job requires it. So if someone could explain to me why it’s news every time she talks to a TV network, I’d be happy to know.

Posted by:Rick Porter