Broodpostera_2 Forget the reality TV gig, getting a master’s degree and writing that child-care book.

We’ve found the perfect new Hollywood career for that poor, unemployed mother of 14, Nadya Suleman.

She could play Samantha Eggar‘s role in a remake of David Cronenberg’s classic late ’70s horror film, “The Brood.”

We could even fit in Nadya’s IFV doctor and her grandmother Angela Suleman.

Here’s the Cronenberg plot synopsis:

Nadya_pregnant After the painful divorce, Nola (Samantha Eggar) gets treatment at an experimental clinic called the Somafree Institute of Psychoplasmatics.

Under the care of a manipulative Dr. Raglan, Nola works through her subconscious pain by physically giving “birth” to dozens of babies, living incarnations of her anger and murderous rage, that she rips from her body, severing the placentas with her teeth in a memorable cringe-worthy horror scene. 

Her twisted dwarf-like children take bloody revenge against all who have hurt Nola, her mother and father, especially her ex-husband. Not to give it away, but I think I recall the brood finally turns on Mmmy too.

So many people hate octomom Nadya Suleman that they might actually pay to see a film in which she gets her comeuppance. Or we could rewrite it to end that way. That would make everyone happy. And we could also make the rage based on Nadya’s admitted real-life sense of "isolation and loneliness" from her terribly deprived childhood.

What do you think?

Should we start shopping for financing, a director and a distributor? Sundance, here we come!

Keep reading to see particularly gruesome scenes from "The Brood." Be warned. They’re completely fake — body prosthetics, faux blood, babies, etc. — but they’re still kinda gross.

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