Thirty years after he pleaded guilty to having unlawful sex with a minor, U.S. fugitive Roman Polanski was finally arrested in Switzerland.

The acclaimed director, who has lived in France for the last three decades, was on his way to accept an award at the Zurich Film


Right now Poland and France are reportedly trying to negotiate a deal to get him released on bail.

The Swiss Directors' Assn. is denouncing Polanski's arrest as a

grotesque farce of justice and an immense cultural scandal.

Read the latest details about his arrest, which is causing international uproar

And even the victim in the case, who was just 13 when she was assaulted, has forgiven him.  

Samantha Geimer has said, "I got over it

a long time ago," and explained that she was tired of having to relive it all again when Polanski makes headlines.

"True as they may be, the continued publication of

those details causes harm to me, my beloved husband, my three children and my

mother," she said.

Do you agree with her? 

Or is the sexual assault of a minor thirty years ago still punishable?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead