sb ads best buy Should Super Bowl ads not debut until the game?It has become the practice in recent years to release Super Bowl commercials early on the internet. But should advertisers be doing that? We have to say – no. It takes the fun out of watching the new commercials.

While we do actually watch the Super Bowl for the game, we (like millions of others) also love to see the new ads. But recently, we’ve gone into the big game feeling like we’ve seen half the ads, which takes away the fun of being surprised and delighted by the commercial breaks.

It also may be detrimental to the advertisers. Vice President of Advertising for TiVo Tara Maitra tells CNBC, “There was a lot of chatter this year about how well would those commercials do during the game versus the ones that had been seen prior to the game, and if you take a look, the Top 3 slots, none of those commercials were viewed or debuted online.”

“I wouldn’t say that having the previews online killed them … but certainly if you want to be in the top spot, you should save it for the game day,” Maitra continues.

The Top 5 ads from TiVo’s data are as follows:

1. Doritos “Man’s Best Friend”
2. M&Ms “Ms. Brown”
3. Doritos “Sling Baby”
4. Pepsi “King’s Court”
5. Volkswagen “Dog Strikes Back”

What do you think, Zap2it readers? Do you like that ads debut early online?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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