Life just keeps getting worse for the surviving and chilly contestants in “Siberia.” Now divided into two groups, pretty much everyone spent “A Gathering Fog” wandering around in the snow and nearly dying.

Still, the only confirmed kill happened ages ago and answers a question that no one on the show had bothered to ask: Where did Natalie go?

While Natalie did disappear, presumably on her way back to civilization, this was before anyone knew that there was no helicopter or producers’ camp or anything like that. The other contestants just assumed that she had left. Now knowing that everything had gone way downhill by then, however, you would think that someone would wonder whether or not Natalie got out okay.

They didn’t. And she didn’t. This all becomes terribly clear when the young woman’s body is found very dead and very frozen (and very disemboweled) in the snow.

Had she been dead all this time? Whenever Natalie did die, who left the note about her leaving?

On a probably related note, no one knows where Biljan and Irene are at this point either.

A cameraman finally bites the dust!

The seemingly immortal and ever-stoic camera operators of “Siberia” finally took a hit in “A Gathering Fog.” Having failed to actually bury Natalie, Esther and Annie — and the guy filming them — get attacked by … something. Yet again, the camera gets dropped before we get much of a look, but whatever the something is, it leaves big and scary footprints.

And it eats cameramen just as much as contestants.

Fog evokes emotions

In case you’d been wondering about Sabina’s story all this time, the fog brought it out. She was an orphan who was raped at 16 by one of her supposed caregivers. There was a baby boy, who got left with the nasty dad. Sabina went into the military but then got kicked out for interrupting another rape. With the money from “Siberia,” she had hoped to finally get the kid back.

Instead, she and Neeko just get lost in the fog and then track those giant footprints.

Meanwhile, wandering through the frozen tundra …

Sam, Joyce, Johnny and Daniel are still alive, more or less. Unfortunately, they have quite a bit of trouble finding that beacon thing until Joyce starts hallucinating about footprints that magically do lead right to the beacon. They finally do find their elusive tower, which proceeds to electrocute Johnny.

CPR from a previously hypothermic Sam saves the day, and Johnny reveals that he saw a roof from up there, shortly before many volts induced a cardiac arrest. Some more desperate tramping through the snow later, the group comes across what looks like your average, suburban, North American house.

But this is Russia, so it’s actually a research station (just go with it, okay?). Like everything else, the building is abandoned, but there are blankets and soda pop and microwaves and stuff.

Life is good (or as good as it is going to get right now). That is, until a loud rattling, crashing noise startles everyone in the empty house.

Next week on “Siberia”:

There is still snow and more people are dead. Also, Russian scientists may have been doing weird stuff with fetal pigs. Woohoo!

Posted by:Laurel Brown