“Siberia” star Joyce Giraud says NBC viewers will learn some telling details about her character Carolina’s back story on Monday night (July 29). 
“You will see why she was so mean on the last episode,” Giraud tells Zap2it on the blue carpet of “The Smurfs 2” premiere. “You will find out that there’s much more to her than the audience thinks. I mean, I’ve gotten so much fan mail like, ‘Not you! Why did you do that? How could you burn down the shack?'” But Giraud says the answer to those questions is on its way. “They’ll see on Monday the reasons why,” she says.
Giraud also reveals that while “Siberia” is, in effect, a faux reality show, she and her castmates employ “method acting” and much of what we’ve seen so far was never in the script. “If you remember when Johnny (Johnny Wactor) chopped off his finger, that wasn’t a prop finger on the hatchet,” Giraud says. “That was his finger. He really chopped it off … When you see him faint, he really did faint. After that, we ran to the ER. So there’s a lot of stuff that really happened. And there’s a lot more to come that really happened. And we’re like, ‘OK, film it!'”
Giraud says “Siberia” uses actual production crew from CBS’ “Survivor.” “We wanted to to be shot through a reality lens,” she says. “And a reality vibe, so we had all the people from ‘Survivor’ on crew.” 
As for the wild popularity of the summer show, Giraud believes it stems from the genre appeal of films like “Paranormal Activity” and “The Blair Witch Project.” “I think people have liked it and embraced it because it’s a whole different genre that hasn’t really been explored much on television,” she says. “I think people have been taken aback like, ‘Is it reality? Is it not? What is it?’ And when people are wondering that, it makes me really happy because it means we delivered. We did our job.”
Since she herself is not much a reality show watcher, Giraud says for background research she watched “hours and hours of ‘Survivor.'”
“Siberia” airs Monday nights at 10/9 central on NBC. 
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