It’s time for things to get really weird on the next episode of “Siberia.” You know, weirder than death, strange injuries, bloody campsites and giant blast zones.

As the preview video for Monday’s (Aug. 19) episode shows, “Siberia” is about to get a lot weirder and a lot colder. Are the contestants even going to survive much longer? (This is of course not referring to Irene, who is pretty much doomed at this point.)

Since these poor reality contestants haven’t had enough to deal with, sudden snow out of nowhere was the obvious next step. It’s only been a day since everyone was sweating in t-shirts, but there’s a foot of snow on the ground overnight. Understandably, all those at the camp are a little concerned about this.

But not everyone is at the camp. Sam, Daniel and Joyce have gone off looking for a radio tower that Daniel spotted — only to find a wasteland of flattened trees. Sabina, meanwhile, has gone and disappeared again. At least with Sabina, we can hope she’s hanging out in her woodland hideout, hiding from possible ghosts and from skeletons that wear her necklace.

Getting through snowy weirdness like this is just one part of survival now.

“Siberia” airs Mondays at 10pm on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown