siberia-106-joyce-carolina-johnny-daniel-crater-nbc.JPGIt’s getting weird out in “Siberia.” Deadly weird.

After finding out last week that the base camp was destroyed, the radios didn’t work and no helicopter was coming, the contestants surely hoped that things would get better. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Everything got worse — much worse.

What crazy stuff happened this week?

The base camp isn’t just destroyed — it’s covered with blood and disturbingly lacking in bodies.

Instead of dealing with survival issues only, a lot of time is spent screaming at Esther. She does deserve it.

The giant mystery box offers up a gas mask this time.

Johnny throws a tantrum and tips over the box. Inside the box, there are gears and a timer — no one has to control the box at any given time.

The contestants are in “group C.” What happened to groups A and B?

Everyone collects a lot of wood to build a signal fire. You know, so all of the people nearby (in Siberia) can see it … Poor, abandoned, clueless contestants. For better or worse, Sabina puts out that fire so that the bad people can’t find them.

Sam finds Miljan’s evil diary. Since he can actually read it, we all find out that there were evil “Valley People” back in the ’20s.

Sabina admits she took the bullets. No one admits to knowing where the gun is.

Daniel finds some sort of radio beacon after being sad about Irene and his dead girlfriend in the woods. The next morning, he heads off to visit it with Sam, Johnny and Carolina/Joyce. Everyone else sits around, looking worried — except for Miljan, who just looks all creepy-like.

Instead of a radio tower, the group finds a giant blast zone radiating out from what looks like a crater. That’s not good.

The “Lost” of it all

There have been plenty of comparisons made between “Siberia” and “Lost.” That’s fair — rumors indicate that “Lost” was originally thought of as some sort of reality-show-gone-wrong. And it’s awfully hard to have a group of marooned people surrounded by weirdness without the comparisons coming up.

But wow, we have a lot of specific similarities now. Such as:

  • “Siberia” tiger = “Lost” polar bear (except for the fact that Siberia actually does have tigers)
  • Someone is jamming the radio signal, just like The Others did on the island.
  • Random, ghost-like figures show up and scare people.
  • Finding water is really hard when the water bottles are empty.
  • Major characters are smashed horribly in unexpected ways (Boone on “Lost,” Irene on “Siberia”).
  • The box on “Siberia” is essentially the fish-biscuit dispenser from “Lost.” It even has the psychological-manipulation component.
  • A group of brave explorers leaves the main group while an inspirational song plays over a walking montage.

There are probably more specific similarities. But this is enough for now.

The unflappable camera crew of Siberia

Seriously, where did they find these people? There is blood all over the place, the radios don’t work, the bosses essentially don’t exist anymore. What do the camera guys do? They keep filming.

Normal people would be trying to find an escape to survival at this point. They would at least put down the heavy cameras and join the contestants in survival planning, right?

The only logical explanation is that the “Siberia” producers found the most stoic and/or fatalistic camera operators that have ever existed. “You guys keep filming” from Sam really isn’t enough of a reason on its own.

Too many questions …

  • What did Miljan do to Irene when he covered the camera?
  • Speaking of Miljan, what’s up with that guy? Are we thinking possession, body snatchers or general lunacy?
  • Where did the base camp bodies go?
  • What do we think happened to Esther?
  • What happened to groups A and B?
  • If Daniel and friends had headed to that radio-tower thing when it was first spotted, would they have beaten the blast?

Posted by:Laurel Brown