The more extreme reality shows get, the more people start to question what would happen if everything went wrong. “Siberia,” a reality-like drama airing on NBC this summer, gives a dark and horrifying answer to that question.

A preview video of the show — which, despite appearances, is not real — depicts just how bad everything can get.

“Siberia” takes place in the Tunguska region of Russia’s Siberia. In 1908, this remote area was the site of a still mysterious comet or meteor hit. Deafening sound was reported from long distances away, and trees were knocked down for miles. All of these facts do exist in reality.

But “Siberia” only uses facts and the real world as a starting point.

The video shows that things go downhill quickly after the “players” show up for some sort of survival game out in the wilds. Everything goes wrong very quickly. While there is a standard reality host and a rescue helicopter and a production base camp when everything begins, all of that quickly disappears.

Instead, the players have to struggle to survive in the face of starvation, wild creatures (both a snake and a tiger are referred to in the preview) and each other. Oh, and there may just be something or someone of the paranormal variety sneaking around too.

The comparisons between “Siberia” and other shows are quick and numerous. In tone, the new show is reminiscent of “Lost” or the short-lived series, “The River.” With its competition format, “Survivor” and TNT’s brand new “72 Hours” seem to be reality relatives.

One major difference between “Siberia” and the rest of reality television, of course, is that there is a decent chance that no one will win in “Siberia.”

“Siberia” premieres on Monday, July 1 on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown