Not very much actually happened in the “One by One” episode of “Siberia.”

Sam, Daniel, Johnny and Joyce wandered around the research station. Sabina, Neeko and Biljan sniped at each other. That really is about it — except, of course, for the rather numerous borrowings from another TV tale of survival, “Lost.”

Obviously, “Lost” has been a big influence on the fake reality show of “Siberia” since day 1. It’s just that it is feeling a whole lot more extreme these days. Examples of “Lost”-like moments in “One by One” include:

  • The research station: Nothing says “Dharma Initiative” like a mysterious, abandoned scientific facility filled with semi-working technology and animal experiments

  • Mysterious video: Like the training videos of “Lost,” this week’s grainy footage from that old (and very real) Tunguska mission was supposed to provide answers. And — like “Lost” — it didn’t help much.

  • Pointless plane signals: Some of the “Lost” castaways wanted to build giant messages and signal fires to get the attention of passing airplanes. It didn’t work very well on “Siberia” either.

  • A vaguely nutty guy acting like he knows more than everyone: Biljan is essentially a slightly crazier, much hairier version of John Locke now.

  • Stealing boots: In a scene that almost directly mimicked one in the pilot episode of “Lost,” Joyce took boots off a dead body.

  • Bullets and guns: Who has the gun? Who has the bullets? Who can be trusted? This seems familiar somehow.

  • The Others: Seriously, they’ve got Others on “Siberia” now. It’s all “Lost” after that.

Was anything else “Lost”-like on this episode of “Siberia”? Let us know in the comments!

Posted by:Laurel Brown