brig shear genius 320 'Shear Genius': Big night out falls shortWelcome to the penultimate episode of “Shear Genius”, dear readers! And then there were… oh yes, still four, since no one was eliminated last week. We start off in the loft, rather than the salon, when a note is pushed under their front door, which tells them that for the Short Cut challenge they will be styling a “VIP client” at a mansion in the hills. Well then. Brig decides that this calls for her giant red hair bow with the white polka dots, all the better to match her blue metallic genie pants and gold lame jacket. They are whisked off in a limo to said mansion, where they meet Camila. Matthew was the winner last week, he is going up on the Allure Wall of Fame, and away we go. Camila reveals that she herself is the client today, and of course everyone cheers. She’ll be the sole judge, but she’s got Orlando there to consult with her. He says that Camila’s pet peeve is to always have her hairline be smooth. Each stylist will have 45 minutes to consult with her and make her a look for a night out — I guess making sure that she has a smooth hairline. That was a bit of a non-sequitor.

They choose scissor boxes, and for once Brig is first. Camila shows her the dress — it’s short and sleeveless, with a black skirt and white bodice. Brig wants to pull her hair up with a bunch of hairpins sticking out, but Camila clearly doesn’t like the idea because she likes her hair to be simple. As Brig works, she explains that if she wins she’ll invest the winnings into the salon she already owns, and then the conversation turns to how more than a few of the others have had problems with her — Brig just says she’s there to compete, not to defend herself. No, just to make a complete pest of herself, instead. Orlando comes up and he’s worried about how she’s doing with her time, while Camila is worried about if she’s going to get it smooth. We don’t really get a good look at the finished product, but Brig says she’s unhappy with it. Janine is up next and Camila asks her about Brig, so Janine says that Brig is mean and unprofessional, and when Camila asks Janine admits she is not impressed with her work. Weirdly, Brig is outside playing with a Barbie now, though honestly I’m not sure why I’m surprised by anything she does/wears/says at this point. Orlando comes over and Janine says she wants to do Camila’s hair down, but Orlando and Camila’s worry is if it will hold up for an entire evening. Janine admits she underestimated how difficult Camila’s hair is to style, and she runs out of time while trying to come up with a final style, like possibly pulling a piece back from her face. Matthew then tries his hand, and wants to go classic. As he works on straightening her hair she asks him questions about his husband, and about the competition, in which he admits that some competitors cough– Brig — cough have turned out to be stronger than he expected. He interviews that he hated being asked questions when he was trying to work, and he also gets bristly when she questions his technique. He winds up also doing bun at the crown of her head, and admits afterward he could have used five more minutes. Finally, Jon comes in for his turn; he also wants to do a classic updo. He tells the story of how he started his salon: he moved from Manhattan to Nashville after a “huge thing” happened to two of his friends, which could have just as easily happened to him but made him decide to leave the big city. I’m guessing drugs. He interviews that he’s nervous but he seems the most at ease of all the stylists while he and Camila are talking — that is, until he gets her with the curling iron and earns a stern warning. As happened to those before him, he also runs out of time.

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