simon cowell lauren silverman adultery Simon Cowell accused of adultery in Lauren and Andrew Silverman divorce

Simon Cowell isn’t going to be celebrating holidays with the Silvermans anymore. After news that Simon is expecteding a child with socialite Lauren Silverman, it’s been revealed that her real estate mogul husband Andrew Silverman quietly filed for divorce two weeks ago.

At least Andrew didn’t have to find out about the fact his wife was cheating on him when news of the fact she is 10 weeks pregnant broke, but he’s clearly angry about the whole situation. In his divorce papers, Andrew is alleging adultery as the reason for the split, listing Lauren as a defendant and Simon as a co-respondent.

“The nature of this action is: to dissolve the marriage between the parties based upon (1) the commission of acts of adultery by the defendant and (2) defendant’s cruel and inhuman treatment of the plaintiff,” the papers read.

Because he’s labeled as a co-respondent, Simon could be called to the witness stand to explain his relationship with Lauren. If adultery is proven, he then could be forced to take a DNA test.

Initial reports said that Andrew and Lauren Silverman were heading towards divorce anyway, Now sources claim that Andrew and Lauren “weren’t estranged” when she and Simon started hooking up.

In his divorce papers, Andrew is also looking for sole custody of his 7-year-old son and for the judge on the case to approve his pre-nup.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz