So THAT’S why Simon Cowell hired Paula Abdul to work on “The X-Factor.” It’s so clear to us now!

When gossip queen Wendy Williams asked Simon Cowell if he and Paula Abdul experienced any sexual tension, Cowell didn’t shy away from what he believes is the accurate response:

“If I was a can of dog food, she was a starving puppy.” 

Wow. Oozing with British charm. But would Cowell ever act upon Abdul’s insatiable urges? “It crossed my mind. You know, ‘Should I?’ She probably wants to…No!’ Mainly because, afterwards, we’d have to talk , and that would be very uncomfortable.” Something tells us that uncomfortable is the perfect word to describe any romantic relationship with Cowell. At least Cowell made sure to specify that he was referencing dogs in the British sense (which is somehow supposed to be less insulting), so we guess he’s off the hook. Or he’s just Simon being Simon. 

Posted by:janderson