simon cowell oprah video 320 Simon Cowell jokes: 'American Idol' is 'perfect'Simon Cowell is so over “American Idol” and isn’t hiding it.

The British reality show judge is “excited” about leaving to create “The X-Factor” and jokes with Oprah Winfrey on her show Thursday (May 20) that even if he were sticking with “Idol,” there’s nothing wrong with it.

“I’m not gonna say anything,” he says with a laugh. “Wouldn’t change a thing. Everything’s perfect.”

Um, yes, that’s why the ratings keep slipping year after year.

Cowell, 50, eventually relents and gives an opinion on who should replace him on the judging panel though.

He relates: “A couple of weeks ago, I remember we were arguing or whatever, kidding around on the panel and it was — there were only about five people left and I remember suddenly thinking at that point, ‘I think it’s too much about the judges at the moment and we’ve forgotten what the contestants are going through.’

“So … I think primarily you’ve got to have somebody on that panel who actually knows what they’re talking about.”

That’s … enlightening. Thanks, Simon. Never thought of that.

Simon also discusses “The X-Factor”:

 – “I have to not even think about [the competition] at the moment. What I have to do … is to make a show I’d like to watch. And I promise you that’s how I’m approaching it, which is all the things I’d like to see on a talent show, I’m gonna try and make happen.”
 – “First of all, there’s no upper age limit. There’s a lower age limit; we’re taking it down to 14. Singing groups can enter.”
 – “I’m excited about this new one.”

And the possibility of having kids:

 – “I worry about that because of my age. You know, when I was younger, you know, my dad used to play soccer and, you know, games with me and I worry — I worry that if I was 70 … It worries me a bit.”
 – “If they could be born at the age of five … maybe. Maybe that will happen.”

Check out this E! sneak peek:

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