simon cowell one direction Simon Cowell on One Direction: 'They just do whatever they want'Simon Cowell was on “Chelsea Lately” Wednesday night (July 30) to promote boy band One Direction‘s new documentary movie that hits theaters in August. Naturally, host Chelsea Handler had to give him some ribbing about the band formed on the U.K. version of “The X Factor.”

Chelsea: “So we have you to blame for One Direction?”
Simon: “Blame? It’s a good thing!”
Chelsea: “Thank. I mean, thank. Without them, where would I be? Lonely, alone. Just me and my vibrating bicycle seat.”

Cowell explains how One Direction came about:

“I liked them all individually, but for whatever reason, nerves or whatever, they didn’t make it through to the next round. But I liked these boys and I thought you know what, let’s give them another shot. … They’d never met each other before, they had 10 days to do the next performance and when I saw them 10 days later, they were amazing. But with these five, you can’t tell them what to do. They just do whatever they want. They make all their own decisions.”

“The movie — if you’re interested what it’s like to be in a band, what it’s like, you see everything on this film. It’s really, really good,” adds Cowell.

Then Chelsea inquires as to all the talent shows Cowell has worked on:

Chelsea: “Let me ask you a question and I want an honest answer, because I think when I watch you do your job … on any of these shows, I think it would be so annoying to have to sit and listen to untalented people all day long just for the chance that one of them is going to be talented. Is this why you have a drinking and drug and cigarette problem?”
Simon: “[laughs] Drinking. [laughs] Probably, yes. It is total, utter torture sitting there for 10 hours a day trying to find one good person. And you’ve got all these awful singers coming out … ‘Why are you here?’ and they’re like, ‘I’m blessed,’ and you’re like, ‘You’re not. You’re really, really not.'”

“The X Factor” returns to FOX on Wednesday, Sept. 11.

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