simon pegg drunk ron weasley harry potter the worlds end Simon Pegg's drunk Ron Weasley sings to Harry Potter on 'Late Night'

“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” is never short on fun surprises. After all, this is the show trying to spearhead a “Saved by the Bell” reunion and had a performance by Jesse and the Rippers, of “Full House” fame. That’s why the show makes perfect sense as the place for drunk Ron Weasley to make an appearance. Truthfully, the character was played by “The World’s End” star Simon Pegg.
Drunk Weasley was welcomed onto the stage to sing for his best friend, Harry Potter, on his birthday. Weasley stumbles out from behind the curtain, a wand in one hand and a beer in the other, before belting out a tune. He then leads the crowd in a chant of “Chug, chug, chug” before downing his drink quickly and revealing that Hermione has left him for Neville Longbottom. He exits the stage using a spell, proclaiming he was headed to the strip club.
While Pegg’s version of Weasley has certainly fallen on hard times, in actuality the character seems to be doing alright. Buzzfeed put together a list that keeps tabs on nearly everyone in the Harry Potter universe, and Ron is sitting pretty with his wife, a couple of kids and a good job working with Harry. Not bad for a guy who never finished school.
Check out the segment below:

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