sinead oconnor getty images Sinead O'Connor bathes with 5 year old son, who comments on her sagSinead O’Connor was once a rebellious, incredibly gifted singer who pushed the boundaries of both music and culture. Now she’s a 45-year-old woman who tweets about things like her on-again/off-again recent marriage, her state of mental (un)health and — on Friday (Jan. 19) about bathing with her five-year-old son.

On Friday, after re-tweeting a series of corny/questionably funny jokes from her followers, O’Connor announced it was bath time:

“I shall now bathe with my 5 yr old god help him,” she tweeted from her handle @vampyahslayah. “And check all y’all’s jokes later.. Give Jaques time he a genius.”

Then — we assume from the bathtub — O’Connor tweeted this slightly disturbing message:

“So my sweet son (5) in bath says ‘if u weren’t so skinny and ur boobies didn’t fall down boys would like u’.”

So, yeah, that happened.

On Jan. 12, O’Connor turned to Twitter to seek help after tweeting that she was in “serious danger” and in need of medication. O’Connor married Barry Herridge in December, only to split from him 16 days later. The couple has since reconciled and re-split.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson