sister wives ellen degeneres 'Sister Wives' cast on 'Ellen': 'We should all be free to love who we want'In preparation for the Season 2 premiere Sunday, March 13 on TLC, the “Sister Wives” cast appears on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday (March 10) to talk about their lives as a polygamist family.

Does Kody ever say wrong name of wife:

Ellen: Now, you’re in four houses with 16 kids. That is a lot. That’s costly.
Christine: It is. We cut corners. We use coupons. We don’t own a boat.
Robyn: Hand-me-downs.
Ellen: You don’t own a boat?
Kody: Our neighbors own boats.
Janelle: We do second-hand stores. It’s hand-me-downs. Our cars are old.
Ellen: So you have different nights? Is that right?
Kody: Yes, it’s a schedule and we rotate through the schedule.
Ellen: So you have to drive to different houses all the time. Do you
ever wake up in the night and bump in the wall because you’re going to
the bathroom in the wrong house?
Kody: Wake up, “Where am I?” [laughs]
Ellen: Because that must be confusing, right?
Kody: It’s actually not. Packing to come here took me four hours.
Because it’s like, “Oh, my favorite socks are at Meri’s house.” And I
was packing at Janelle’s.
Ellen: So, Janelle had you last? [laughs] Well, you know what I mean
because you’re in somebody’s house. Do you ever say the wrong name?
Kody: You know, it’s funny, I never did until Robyn came into the family and lately I’ve been slipping up a lot.
Robyn: It’s true. He can only remember three things at once.

Why Christine wanted to be Kody’s third wife:

Ellen: And you’re the third wife?
Christine: Oh my gosh yes.
Ellen: What does that mean, “I want to be the third wife?”
Christine: I don’t want a guy around all the time. I didn’t want to marry a guy by himself. It sounded like too much work.

Meri’s response to criticism:

Ellen: What do you say to that [criticism of their lifestyle]?
Meri: I just feel like we’re all adults. Anybody, any of us, I feel like
are free to do whatever we want if it’s not hurting any one else. I
think we should all be free to love who we want.

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