sister wives season 2 'Sister Wives' Season 2 premiere: Ice blocking, coming out and police investigationsTLC’s reality program about a family that practices plural marriage, “Sister Wives,” is back for its second season Sunday (March 13). The focus of the season premiere is what has happened to the family since going public with their polygamy.

The second season kicks off with the adults “coming out” on various mediums and platforms, so Season 2 must have picked up pretty soon after the show began airing, we would assume. Since before all of that, nobody knew anything about the Brown family.

But they aren’t regretful about coming out because they’re glad to show their solid family to the world. The entire discussion of the different wives’ taste in pictures and photography abilities was sweet and funny, very indicative of a normal marriage issue.

Meanwhile, not only are the adults on the show “coming out” in places like the “Today Show” and whatnot, but many of the younger kids are attending public school for the first time. Meri has a good point to make in that kids today are tolerant and taught tolerance, which we think is true. There are, of course, incidents you read about of horrendous bullying, but by and large, we think every passing generation gets more tolerant.

Some of the teenagers who are ‘net savvy took to reading the blogs about their show/lives/family and hey – did you find our blog? We have been very supportive!

The negative/scary fallout of the going public is the police investigation of the family and the paparazzi starting to harass the family. Yikes. They have to sit the kids down and talk about being safe and being smart and how that just because someone knows their names does not mean they are friendly.

The wives cry in an interview about how they would choose this life again if they had to and they are tired of being afraid.

It’s so interesting to watch the minutia of daily life through the eyes of the kids/wives, like filling out emergency contact forms for the children and listing the sister wives as “other moms.” Christine finds it so liberating to be able to do that, she’s hilarious.

After the kids’ first day at school (which seems to have gone OK), the family goes ice-blocking, which is essentially sledding on ice. It’s so unbelievably quaint. It’s like Little Mormon House on the Prairie. 

We find out that Robyn still lives apart from the other wives and their children. We’d have to imagine they’ll find a way to merge houses eventually, right? We hope that’s a storyline of the second season, we’d like to see all the Browns living together in one house.

But it turns out, in the previews of the season, that the family decides to move. We know already they move to Nevada, we wonder what kind of living situation they set up there.

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