sister wives season 3 premiere 'Sister Wives' Season 3 premiere: A new baby and viva Las Vegas!On the Season 3 premiere of “Sister Wives,” we join the Brown family in Las Vegas, where they have four homes all relatively near one another.

Baby Talk

It’s time for Kody and Robyn to announce the new baby. Robyn fears her bestie in the family, Meri, will struggle with it because Meri can’t have more kids. Yeah, that would be really hard. But if she can do it with the other wives, I think Meri will be OK. She’s an awesome lady.

Robyn tells Meri before anyone else and they have a lovely moment where Meri is excited and they hug. Meri says in a talking-head that she feels bad that people have to be so sensitive to her on this issue.

That night, at a big family dinner, Kody announces the baby and everybody is really excited, except maybe Aspen, Hunter and Maddie. They don’t seem thrilled (they’re three of the teenagers). I’m particularly proud of Christine for being so happy. Mariah also slips out and Meri and Kody have to talk to her. She’s upset for her mom, awww.

I bet this really makes Robyn feel like part of the family – her three aren’t Kody’s biological kids, so this is a big step for her feeling included. Surprisingly, Janelle is not as thrilled as Christine is.

But for her, it’s more about the world being topsy-turvy from the move to Las Vegas and now this is just one more big thing. It’s a lot to deal with.  Janelle is struggling with not having work outside the home.

Teenage Angst

There is also a problem with the teenagers fitting in and the family finding a church. Instead of finding a church to join, they’ve been having services in their houses. But now the search is on, mostly because of finding a social outlet for their teenagers. They try out a local Presbyterian Church that has a youth group. Huh.

Pastor Ray at the church is totally cool with the kids coming to their church, so good for Pastor Ray. Christine is the only one who doesn’t feel right about it. She makes an analogy to them pointing their children to the sharks and thinks that the kids should find their own way to a fellowship situation. That’s a valid perspective, but Meri says this is akin to sending their kids to public school, which I also agree with.

They table the discussion. Later, the adults talk about it and Kody agrees that going to another faith is not the answer, but Janelle thinks it’s a social thing. Kody says if they’re going to do this, it needs to be an LDS church. Janelle feels like Kody has completely closed the discussion with his laying down of the law, but Janelle thinks they should run it by the two or three oldest children. Agree with Janelle.

They meet with the four or five oldest kids and the kids assure them they are making friends at school and some of them even have the same morals as the Brown kids. They tell the kids about the church they went to and the kids want to know why not LDS. Kody is worried about the same discrimination they found in Utah – but wouldn’t the Presbyterians (or Lutherans or Catholics) also be a concern on that front?

Then it comes out that some of the kids are not so keen on polygamy or the Mormon church in general. And they think they are old enough to choose and they want to go to the Presbyterian church.

After the kids leave, Robyn is very strongly against not steering their kids into the religion they work so hard to practice. Man, they have to have a choice! You can’t force them to be polygamists! They didn’t choose to be born into a plural marriage family.

Backyard Shenanigans

In typical Las Vegas fashion, the backyard of every house is just rocks and cinderblock walls. Christine gets a wild hare up her shorts to make a backyard with a playhouse and a free-standing pool. It turns into a massive project, but eventually it’s pretty awesome and they throw a party to do the big reveal. It’s like we’re watching HGTV!

Later, the families have a pool party for the teenagers and their friends from school. Janelle’s house has an in-ground pool, it appears. The kids seem cool with everything. Even a few of the parents come over, so good for them!  Hunter doesn’t want to hang out, though. He just stays in his room. Aww. But he seems to be doing OK hanging out at Christine’s house and taking care of Truely.

So what did you think of the Season 3 premiere? I was concerned this show would have lots its appeal by now, but it really hasn’t. It’s just so fascinating to watch.

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