sister wives s3 premiere 'Sister Wives' Season 3 premiere: Christine and Kody have some issuesWhen we last left the “Sister Wives,” they were living in Las Vegas in four separate houses and Robyn had gone into labor with Solomon. Robyn also offered to be a surrogate for Meri should she want more children.

Baby and houses

So the baby arrives and we don’t think we’ve actually seem something that real on TV before. Wow. That is miraculous and, you know, kind of gross. Haha. (Just teasing, got one on the way, very excited.)

But the show picks up actually about two months after Solomon is born. And it’s Christmastime, so the two main objectives are to cut down a Christmas tree in the mountains and to find a big house where they can all live together.

The first property is a giant cul-de-sac where they would buy the property and build. Property number two has a house and they could build more houses or add on to. The third one is just like a big desert mountain thing that views the Strip. Everybody votes property one.

Hanukkah and Christmas

They celebrate Hanukkah. Huh. It’s because Christine likes the meaning, which is cool. Just not what we expected. And then they go Christmas caroling. They are not the Von Trapps, but A for effort. But the real thing going on with Christine is that she feels like her relationship with Kody has come to a stand still.

Then it’s tree-chopping time and they have some trouble getting the tree down. By the time they get it down the mountain, a bunch of branches have snapped off and it’s pretty sparse. But anyway, the family is taking a Christmas vacation to a big house they rented.

And having everyone in one big house is just reaffirming to everyone that they should be living in one big house, or in four houses right next to each other.

It’s also the parents getting worried about the five teens getting ready to fly the nest – Logan this year, then Mariah and Aspyn, then Madison and Mykelt, and Hunter’s gotta be after that. It’s making the parents sad. Aww.

On Christmas Day, Kody gives Meri a necklace, Robyn a guitar, Janelle a tablet and Christine a ring she wanted. They give Kody a giant gun. Huh. He says he takes gun safety seriously, though his delight at opening it up and pointing it around might make you think differently. Heh. No, but he has a gun safe and stuff, so that’s good.

Then Robyn gives the sister wives a necklace that is her own design and there’s talk of a business called My Sister Wives’ Closet. Huh.

But then after presents, Kody (who sometimes seriously is like a 13-year-old boy) asks Christine if her ring got him out of the dog house. And she just lays it out there – she wonders if he wants to be with her, saying he doesn’t come over eagerly and then leaves as soon as he can. But they don’t resolve anything and he just kind of laughs and kisses her. Hmmm.

And the episode ends with the entire family trekking to the cul-de-sac to look at the four homes right next to each other they want to buy for the family.

This season: Christine is so jealous of Robyn, as Meri considers Robyn’s offer of surrogacy, and the family tries to get into the big property.

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