sister wives season 4 'Sister Wives' Season 4 premiere: My Sisterwife's Closet launchesWhen we last left the “Sister Wives,” they were building a clump of Brown family houses, sort of like they had in Utah. Logan left for college and that was hard, and Robyn has offered to be Meri’s surrogate because she’s been unable to have any more children past her daughter, Mariah.

The house construction is coming along (with a couple hiccups), but the big kerfuffle is over Robyn’s jewelry business, My Sisterwife’s Closet. Meri and Robyn are definitely more into it than Janelle and Christine, and Kody’s not really sure what’s going on, which is kind of par for the course.

To see if My Sisterwife’s Closet can make it, the sister wives head for St. George, Utah to an expo where they can peddle their wares. Robyn is nervous because she grew up in the St. George area and it’s also where Warren Jeffs is from — he’s the guy with a compound of child brides and so on, like the prophet on “Big Love,” and the difference between Jeffs and the Brown family is vast. But the Browns still aren’t seem as “mainstream” in St. George.

“Polygamy is not a religion. It is a domineering, creepy way for old men to marry young women,” says one of the expo-goers.

There are some potential customers, but overall, it’s pretty dead for the sister wives’ jewelry sales. It’s a combination of people disapproving of the concept, plus the fact that their jewelry is apparently pretty pricey.

However, there are people who think the Brown family is pretty special and that it works for them. But it still doesn’t help the jewelry sales. Whch means Janelle and Christine are going to jump ship, but that’s probably OK.

Meri and Robyn have always gotten along really well, plus they’ve been doing most of the work anyway. Christine is jealous of their tight bond, but she’s too lazy to put in the work. Though honestly, a bond like Meri and Robyn has doesn’t really take a lot of work. It just happens. Nobody wants to bond with Christine because she’s mostly all about Eve.

Speaking of Meri and Robyn’s bond, it’s time to revisit Robyn’s offer to be a surrogate for Meri. Meri doesn’t really want to do it, which makes her feel guilty. They’re talking about IVF or she’s wondering if she’s just not meant to have another baby. She doesn’t know if she should do it at the age of 42. It’s pretty heartbreaking to watch, it must be so hard for her.

Later, they celebrate Solomon’s birthday by releasing a bunch of bird-killing balloons into the air. Way to go, Browns.

The episode ends with the whole family going to see their new houses. The kids are really excited.

Are you all in for the fourth season of “Sister Wives”?

This season on “Sister Wives”: Jealousy? Equality? The family business continues to be a bone of contention. Janelle works on her weight. And they keep encountering haters.

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