sister wives season 3 premiere 'Sister Wives': Visiting Kody's family and friends in WyomingBig stuff happening for the “Sister Wives” clan. The Browns pack off their entire brood and head for Wyoming to spend time with Kody’s family and friends.

His parents converted to Mormon fundamentalism while he was on his LDS mission and very soon after that, Kody joined as well. But not all of his family and friends were on board with that.

Kody’s one friend Ken, who he was estranged with for quite awhile after becoming a polygamist, takes center stage for the episode. He comments that he’s not surprised Kody went public because he’s always bee the center of attention. He also has some snide little jokes about stuff – when Kody remarks that Ken’s family keeps it “all in the family,” in reference to how Ken’s brothers are married to cousins, Ken remarks, “Little different than you are.”

Ken knows the sister wives aren’t related, right? He then later says that people like Kody are what gives the LDS a bad wrap. I would come back to that with – the compound people with joy books and underage girls are NOT the same as what is going on in the Brown family.

But Ken’s wife and his brothers’ wives are totally welcoming and friendly, though full of questions, which is understandable.

When the group goes into town, some of the townsfolks is willing to be on camera. And some older women say they’re all good people, but they have the “wrong idea.” Then one gentleman comments, “Who does he sleep with at night? How d you work that out?” Uh, there’s a schedule, doofus. That’s honestly your biggest question about the lifestyle?

One other older guy says, “He can live his life, I can live now,” but one young girl named Tosha says, “The Browns being represented in Lovell as their hometown, it gives people the idea that polygamy is OK here, polygamy was born here and that’s not the way the town is at all.”  Um, no, it doesn’t, you weirdo.

The Browns eventually hang out with more of Kody’s friends. They seem OK with it, if a bit shell-shocked. It’s pretty surreal for them, they say. And another female friend calls him on wanting to be center of attention all the time. Heh.

Ken also shares that people just assume Kdoy chose this lifestyle for the sex, which really hurts Robyn and makes her mad (she says privately). Then Megan says it doesn’t matter how he lives his life in the end because Kody obviously loves his wives. Ken says it still hurts him because he’s worried about Kody’s eternal salvation or something. Sounds like Ken’s making it more about himself than Kody.

So – the wives are not particularly in love with Ken (and neither am I, frankly). But most of the people they interacted with seemed to be nice and fine people. One girl says in high school they thought Kody was flamboyantly gay. That’s probably what passes for flamboyantly gay in Wyoming. Heh.

What did you think, “Sister Wives” fans?

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