sister wives season 3 premiere 'Sister Wives': Warren Jeffs' FLDS lifestyle discussedOn the latest “Sister Wives,” we get a look into the principle of plural marriage as Kody advises his friend Andy about courting a second wife and the Browns talk about Warren Jeffs, the “prophet” of the FLDS.

So some friends from Utah come to visit, Andy and Nicole. They were raised in plural marriage and believe that, but they are monogamous. Interesting. Andy wants to talk to Kody about dating a woman as a married man. Andy and Nicole already have six children and Andy isn’t sure he should be going after a young woman with no children.

Andy’s take on the Brown family is that they’re in a divorce in Las Vegas because they don’t all live together in one house. Huh. He also doesn’t want to leave one wife home alone when he goes to sleep with the second wife. Huh.

I just have to interject that sometimes … I really like having the bed to myself, like when my husband’s out of town for work. So much room!

Back at home, Mykelti tells her mom Christine how proud she is of her family for being public about their beliefs and their lifestyle and not being afraid and changing the minds of people. Totally. I’m not a polygamist, but obviously the Browns are not one of those crazy compounds where old men marry underage girls and to each their own and good for them for going public.

This leads into a segment about Warren Jeffs, the “prophet” of the Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints Church. Did you watch “Big Love”? He’s Roman Grant (Harry Dean Stanton) from “Big Love.”

Kody teaches his kids about how these leaders, who should’ve been noble and benevolent, and instead preyed upon young women in their community. The Browns don’t want to demonize the people from a compound like where Jeffs has them living because those people need help. He’s the bad guy, but the people there need rescuing.

Finally, they take Nicole and Andy on a dinner cruise on Lake Mead. The wives wonder about whether Nicole is looking forward to a relationship with her sister wives. She is hesitant. Her advantages of plural marriage seem to be playmates for her kids and more moms. Hmm.

Spin-off for Nicole and Andy? It would definitely be a different perspective on polygamy than what the Brown family offered when they first started the show.
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