sisterhood hip hop restaurant 'Sisterhood of Hip Hop' Season 1 finale: Drunk Renaye threatens everything

The majority of the first season finale of “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” makes a good case for why this is a show that needs to be around. It’s a show all about camaraderie in a business that isn’t known for that, especially among females. It’s a show about personal and professional triumphs, from the girls’ showcase “femcee” to Brianna’s college graduation. “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” might look like an hour-long music video, but it really is about mature, professional artists who deserve a chance at success.

Unfortunately, camaraderie and triumphs aren’t exactly the keys to making drama, and that’s why Siya’s girlfriend Renaye makes a mess of what is supposed to be the biggest night of Siya and the rest of the girls’ careers.

Leading up to the showcase, it’s perfect. Diamond and Nyemiah make amends over Diamond not being able to be a part of the showcase, and as an added bonus, Diamond sets up a ladies’ lunch between all of them her mentor, Eve.

From this moment until the end of the showcase, “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” is all about the women breaking barriers and showing that fire inside of all of them to succeed in the rap game. Niya, who never has a problem speaking her mind, is “at a loss for words” because of how surreal it is to her that Eve is even willing to give them the time of day. But Eve respects their mission to show the world that women can do a showcase all by themselves and be supportive of each other. That’s exactly what the industry is missing.

Fast forward to the showcase, and while the support is there among all of the members of the sisterhood, Renaye is drunk and upset that Siya isn’t making the whole thing all about her, for some reason. She even boos Siya after her performance for not giving her a shout-out on stage. When Diamond tries to diffuse the situation, it goes from a calm request to Diamond throwing a glass and Renaye, and then all-out chaos.

It’s as though the concept of what “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” should be fades and reveals what it really is: just another reason for over-the-top fights that bring everything else down. The saving grace is Siya realizing how unhealthy her and Renaye’s relationship is and pulls the plug. She’s not going to let anyone bring her down, and hopefully, neither will “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” in the future. The rest of the episode tries to bring it back to the central focus of these career-driven women, but that’s not the hook of the episode. Drunk Renaye is.

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Posted by:LaToya Ferguson