six flags dining plan Six Flags dining plan lets theme park guests fatten up for lessSix Flags theme parks are rolling out a new dining plan for season pass holders at many of its parks that allows each guest to eat two meals per day. The eats are included in one flat-rate fee starting around $60-$70 for the year, depending on the park location.

The Six Flags Magic Mountain park in the Los Angeles area offers the season pass add-on for $100, and park dining options include such tantalizing food items as Coldstone Creamery ice cream, “loaded” hot dogs, half-pound Mooseburgers, Slurpee drinks, and “Teen Titan” pizzas. Locations inside the park accepting the plan include “What the Fried?” and the “Soda Shack.”

To be fair, the company’s website says gluten-free and vegetarian items are available at one of the 27 vendors at the park. That location, the Cyber Cafe, also offers internet access, donuts, brownies, and Dippin’ Dots. The gluten-free items include cheese lasagna. Sounds super nutritious.

In a country where “The Biggest Loser” has to base an entire season on fighting childhood obesity, is this “Pay Once, Eat All Year” plan a bargain? Or should a family amusement park be focusing on healthier habits? 

Posted by:mchance