Matthewfox_lost_290 In my effort to coin as many series names as possible in the “Lost” off-season, I’m introducing “Six in Six” today. The basic gist? Six things about Season 6, plain and simple. That’s the only thread that will connect these intermittent entries between now and next January.

Some will be serious, some will be superfluous. But they will also involve six things concerning the final season of the show. Today’s inaugural topic? Six encounters I direly hope happen next year. They range from the likely to the improbable, but they are foremost on my mind when I think about meetings that HAVE to happen before the show ends for good. In no particular order…

Claire/Aaron. I, like many “Lost” fans, want a payoff to Desmond’s vision in Season 3. It’s possible that his premonition concerning the pair safely leaving the Island in a helicopter was produced by malevolent forces, I choose to look at it as a dream deferred. With Kate’s central reason for returning to the Island hopefully returning to the forefront next year, she can redeem herself by reuniting the potentially most important (and potent) pairing in the show.

Sun/Jin. Given the less-than-epic treatment the show gave a reunited Des/Penny, there’s no other couple I’m rooting for more than this one on the show. While bad-ass Sun quickly gave way to a woman who ended every sentence with, “And this will lead us to Jin, right?” I’m still looking forward to their emotional reunion next Season. Because if the show ends with these two still apart, I’m going to throw Darlton out of a hotel window.

Ben/Annie. Here’s a bold prediction: in some form, Annie will appear to Ben and allow him to make the move away from selfish wannabe leader to true Island hero. In doing so, he will finally perform a truly selfless act and achieve the redemption the show seems to have in store for him. Whether or not Ben could ever truly achieve redemption is a controversial topic, but if there’s any chance of it, Annie must be involved.

Jack/Cabin Christian. Matthew Fox told “Entertainment Weekly” that he saw this potential encounter akin to Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in “The Empire Strikes Back.” I’m down with that interpretation. While Fox didn’t specifically mention the dual nature of Blue Suited Christian and Cabin Christian, I think it’s the latter that will be Jack’s adversary come Season 6. With none of the good side of Jack’s father left within him, the weak, petty, mean-spirited Cabin Christian will be able to inflict unmitigated damage upon his son. Can. Not. Wait.

Jack/Locke. Here’s what I’d love: one final scene between the man of science and the man of faith in which they finally accept the best sides of each other and fuse them together to form the men they could have/should have been as far back as “White Rabbit.” I’ve made plenty of jokes at their expense over the years, as they consistently have iterations of the same freaking arguments over and over again, with neither seemingly learning anything. I want some understanding between these two pillars of the show come next year.

Walt/Vincent. This one comes from the heart, not the head. The very thought of these two having some interaction in Season 6 warms my heart tremendously. I don’t know if the show intends for Walt to come back, or truly meant to end his story in “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.” I hope it’s the former, as Walt is too interesting a character and too central to the mythology to end like that. If Season 6 is a return to the character-driven stories of Season 1, as the producers have promised, why not bring back a character at the heart of so many of those stories?

What are some of the face-to-faces you are hoping for?

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Posted by:Ryan McGee