Kenleung_lost_290 Last time in the “Six in Six” series, I looked at a half-dozen ways in which “Lost” could lose its way in its final season. But today, we’re going to take a more positive outlook and look at six minor characters we hope reappear in Season 6. With Darlton on record as saying we’re going to see many long-“Lost” faces reappearing come 2010, I want to look past the obvious choices (Charlie, Claire, Boone) and examine some on the seeming periphery that might actually be more central than we thought.

Before starting with the list proper, I’d like to give a shout-out to Twitter follower jasondbrown for suggesting that Seth Norris, the pilot of Oceanic 815, be on the list. While he didn’t ultimately make my Top 6, it would definitely be interesting to see him again in some capacity. He could either appear 1) in an alternative timeline where Oceanic 815 lands in Los Angeles, or 2) in a Lapidus flashback that finally reveals why he didn’t pilot the plane originally.

OK, onto the full list!

Richard Malkin. With Richard on my mind lately, I had to put him on this list. Plus, with the imminent return of Claire, I want to see exactly why this supposedly fake psychic 1) got a real vision, and 2) changed his mind about how Aaron should be raised. Throw in the mystery/miracle surrounding his daughter’s near-death experience, and you have a character intrinsically linked with the mysteries of the Island.

Thomas. Speaking of Claire, I’d like to get another glimpse of exactly why Aaron’s father split. You could chalk it up to mere jitters, but why is one of his paintings in Charles Widmore’s office? Is Widmore the Vader to the Man in Black’s Emperor?

Isaac of Uluru. A faith healer with an innate understanding of certain pockets of unusual power across the world, his appearance in the seemingly throwaway episode “S.O.S.” is often forgotten. But in lieu of the way in which the energy under his home might be connected to that on the Island, might he be able to guide those off (such as Desmond) back to aid in the War of the Island?

Achara. I keed. I keed. Moving on.

Cindy Chandler. By this point, we have to assume that we’re never going to see the children kidnapped by The Others in “The Other 48 Days.” Too much real life time has passed for that too happen. But we could see the Oceanic stewardess again, and through her reappearance learn a LOT about the true nature of the mysterious group that has antagonized our protagonists for so long. Cindy flashback, anyone?

Brother Campbell. Desmond’s former spiritual leader either failed him miserably or did precisely what he was meant to do. Knowing what we do now about Eloise Hawking, it’s very possible that Brother Campbell did just enough to allow Desmond to fail in his quest to become a monk. It’s equally possible that the appearance of Penny on the day of his expulsion threw a monkey wrench in the entire plan. In either case, with Eloise now in shambles, she might go to her old colleague for advice.

Helen Norwood. I don’t care what Abaddon said: she’s not dead. Chalk this up more to instinct/desire than the evidence laid before us, but do we truly know she’s gone? All we have to go on are the words of a man who wanted John Locke to return to the Island more than anything. Were Helen still around, Locke’s resolve might fail. The two options? Her “brain aneurysm” was a result of Faraday-esque testing, or she’s still alive and well. Whether we see her again in a new flashback or if she’s somehow actually alive and well in the present day, I’d love at least one more scene with her in it.

OK, so that’s my personal list of ancillary characters I’d love to see next season. Who would YOU like to see?

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