nestor carbonell lost s6 320 'Six in Six': Six minor things that will turn major in the final season of 'Lost'Over the past five seasons of “Lost,” more than a few seismic events have happened that changed either the course or the very nature of how we as an audience view the show. Finding the hatch. Turning the fail safe key. “Not Penny’s boat.” Flaming Frogurt. The list goes on and on.

But we’re not going to deal with those big moments in today’s edition of “Six in Six.” We’re going to look at the little things that might just become a huge deal in the show’s final episodes.

Each episode of “Lost” is overstuffed with items, actions, and events that either don’t garner attention on first viewing or quickly fade out of the forefront of our memory when analyzing the show as a whole. Some items, such as the on-screen shout-outs to major and minor works of literature, send fans scrambling to Al Gore’s interwebs in order to glean insight to the show. But the following six things aren’t getting enough attention, in my opinion, in terms of looking at the shape of things to come in Season 6.

Desmond’s vision of Claire/Aaron

In “Greatest Hits,” Desmond tells Charlie that if he flips the switch inside The Looking Glass, Claire and Aaron will leave the Island on a helicopter. Now, obviously, this has not happened. Yet. Or in the reality that we knew it before Juliet took a swan dive down the Swan well. Will this vision come true in Season 6 in some fashion, or were all of Des’ flashes part of some master plan devised by a higher power?

The Book of Laws

In “Cabin Fever,” Richard Alpert presents a young John Locke with six items. He then asks the would-be Island Savior to select the three that already belong to him. Locke chooses two correctly (a vial of granules, a compass), but chooses the knife instead of the object it appears is the “correct” third choice: a book with the title “Book of Laws” on its cover. Why is this the correct choice, and where will we see this book again in Season 6? More importantly: who currently owns it?

The other outrigger

Remember the outrigger chase in “The Little Prince”? Remember all the speculation concerning those shooting at Locke and Co. from the other boat? And remember how the show kept teasing us with an answer only to see something shiny in the shadow of the statue and forget about it completely? Let’s just say I think we’re going to see the other side of this chase in lieu of discovering what’s inside Ilana’s crate.

Jack’s tattoos

Kidding. Just seeing if you’re paying attention.

Adam and Eve

Maybe it’s a given among people that follow blogs such as this that Adam and Eve will be revealed in Season 6. But for the average fan, I think reintroducing this pair of skeletons this year will blow their freakin’ minds. Vegas is currently giving “Bernard/Rose” the best odds of being this pair, but there are plenty more still in play. (Incidentally, Vegas, if you could start making “Lost”-themed bets available to the public, that would be awesome. I’d love to lay down $50 on things like “Kate says she’s coming with someone.” Thankee kindly.)


Ben’s childhood friend will re-emerge in Season 6 in a major way. Perhaps she’ll be part of a rebooted timeline in which she and Ben have more babies than the Duggar family. Or maybe she’s a vision that compels Ben to do the right thing for once in his sad, small life. In any case, look for the girl that gave Ben his only birthday present to be a central cog in the “Lost” machine in 2010.


While you’re rewatching “The Man Behind the Curtain” for clues about Annie, pay close attention to the subject of the class they attend during the Hostiles’ incursion to the Barracks. Tawaret just didn’t crumble on its own, people. And before you argue that a simple volcanic eruption seems too prosaic a reason for the statue’s destruction, I would remind you that The Island isn’t simply a place of mind over matter; it’s a place of mind INTO matter. And that difference matters.

So those are my six small things that loom large heading into the show’s final season: what are some of yours? Leave them below in the comments!

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