six new dog breeds Six new dog breeds for Westminster Kennel ClubThe Westminster Kennel Club is gearing up for its annual dog show, which we are not a bit ashamed to admit we love to watch. The dog show happens at Madison Square Garden Feb. 13 and 14 this year. The six new breeds bring the total number of breeds to 185 and are as follows:

American English Coonhound (above, left)

A strong
and graceful athlete, he needs regular exercise to stay in peak shape.
The breed’s hard, protective coat is of medium length and can be red and
white ticked, blue and white ticked, tri-colored with ticking, red and
white, and white and black. The breed is pleasant, alert, confident and
sociable with both humans and dogs.

Cesky Terrier (above, middle)

The Cesky is longer
than it is tall and has a topline that rises slightly higher over the
loin and rump. It sports a soft, long, silky coat in shades of gray from
Charcoal to Platinum. The correct coat is clipped to emphasize a slim
impression. The hallmarks of the breed should be unique unto itself with
a lean body and graceful movement. They are reserved towards strangers,
loyal to their owners, but ever keen and alert during the hunt.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog
(above, right)

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is a native of Switzerland, and the
smallest of the four Swiss breeds. A medium-sized drover, he has a
short, tri-colored coat with symmetrical markings. Purpose and heritage
have resulted in an unusually intense bonding between the Entlebucher
and his master.

Finnish Lapphund
(below, left)

Lapphunds are popular as family pets in their native
Finland. They are devoted to their family, friendly with all people,
highly intelligent and eager to learn. The dogs have a thick, dense
coat that comes in a variety of colors and beautiful, soft, expressive
faces. They are strong but very agile.

Norwegian Lundehund (below, middle)

The Norwegian Lundehund or Puffin Dog — spent centuries on the
rocky cliffs and high fields of arctic Norway hunting and retrieving
puffin birds, an important meat and feather crop to local farmers.
Lundehunds have a protective double coat, reddish-brown, often with
white collar and feet and a white tip on the tail. Today puffin birds
are protected and the puffin dog has taken up its new role as an alert,
cheerful and somewhat mischievous companion.

Xoloitzcuintli (below, right)

The Xoloitzcuintli – “show-low” as it is commonly called – is the
national dog of Mexico. Previously known as the Mexican Hairless, it
comes in three sizes as well as a coated version – seen in the show ring
only in the US and Canada.
Shaped by the environment rather than by man, their keen intelligence,
trainability and natural cleanliness have made them a unique and valued
pet today.

six new dog breeds 2 Six new dog breeds for Westminster Kennel Club
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