lindsay vonn Lindsay Vonn blames World Cup slalom loss on course injectionSkier Lindsey Vonn of Vail, Colo., placed 19th in the World Cup’s giant slalom, despite consecutive wins in the super giant slalom and downhill skiing just two days prior.
And she’s been vocal with criticism of the Cortina, Italy course being injected with water to create an icier surface.
“Here in Cortina it’s the best snow on earth — it doesn’t get any better than this. They had a perfect track and, in my opinion, they ruined it,” Vonn said. “There’s no need whatsoever for injection on this hill.”


She said the injection of the ice didn’t provide players a chance for an aggressive attack. She said, she could perform better but on top, the edges were too sharp to make an attack and on the  bottom, the edges were too dull to hold grip.
Sour grapes? Not so fast. The race winner, Finland’s Tanja Poutiainen, also questioned the practice, which is meant to make a course hold up rather than getting worn down with ruts.
What do you think? Any skiers out there with experience on injected courses?
Photo credits: WireImage