skin wars season 1 finale final three 'Skin Wars' Season 1 winner: Natalie Fletcher, Shannon Holt or Dutch Bihary, who won?

The first season of GSN’s “Skin Wars” is over now, with only one artist left standing and holding the $100,000 prize. It’s been a “skintillating” season full of “skinteresting” choices, but there are only so many skin puns that can be made before you just have to go ahead and crown the “skinner” … er, winner.

Going into the finale, there were only three body painters left: Shannon, Natalie and Dutch. Dutch, despite his holier-than-thou attitude, has been the odds-on favorite to win. Natalie, on the other hand, has constantly been on the verge of elimination throughout the entire competition. Meanwhile, Shannon has been consistent throughout the season, which is sometimes all that’s needed to make it to the very end.

But consistency doesn’t mean anything if you can’t show up 100 percent when it’s go time, and Dutch learns that the hard way. 

Despite essentially taking control of the entire season, Dutch’s work in the finale actually leaves much to be desired. In fact, it’s more like week one work than finale work. And that’s how the frontrunner of the competition ends up in third place after all this time.

That leaves the two female finalists up for the $100,000 prize, and the winner is …

Without further ado …


While Dutch may have cracked under pressure, the final challenge really helps to show off how much Natalie has grown as an artist during this competition. Given how often she was on the verge of elimination, it’s a bit of an underdog story. And who doesn’t love a good underdog story?

Congratulations to Natalie, and congratulations to the uncrowned champions of “Skin Wars” — the always fabulous host Rebecca Romijn and the always honest judge RuPaul.

Below, watch video of runner-up Shannon visiting The Daily Buzz to talk about the season.

Posted by:LaToya Ferguson